Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Mighty Oaks

Today my mind wondered, How deep are my roots?  How deep are my "roots" of faith, trust, relationships, self confidence, inner get the idea. How deep do I ALLOW myself to grow my roots in areas of my life?

Having lived in Florida back in the years of the hurricanes, I remember after the storms passed, being in awe at the large oaks outside that were so huge and grand! No one would have believed before the storms that they would soon be toppled over! But after the storms you could drive miles and see so many that were uprooted and laying over, with their roots completely exposed and reaching straight to the sky! But what I also realized is how so many oaks were still standing firm, where they continued to be rooted into the ground.  What was the difference? The answer came with how hard they worked to gain nourishment from the earth. The ones that were knocked over, were closer to water, or on moist ground, not having to go far to find their nourishment. In fact, they only had to grow more outward, skimming just under the surface of the ground to find their nourishment.  The ones left standing...they had to dig deeper to reach the needed amount of water and nourishment in order to survive.  So when the storms came, it was those trees, who's roots worked to grow deeper and deeper into the earth that survived!  This allowed them to be more sturdy in the storms. 

Storms in life will come.  Ive learned that! We idealize our lives being easy, and exactly what we want. But the truth is, weather its our marriages, a struggling child, our health, our relationship with a close family member for friend who we love, finances....we will have storms of life.  We can not avoid that.  However, when we face these storms, do we dig our roots deeper into what we need for nourishment, or do we try to skim just under the surface of the ground to find what may seem to be an easy fix?

We can and will over come our challenges!  I know you can, as much as I know I can! We just have to dig.... Just dig....

So dig with me today, and lets find the nourishment deep within our faith, our support system, our sole that will make us stand strong like a mighty majestic oak, even among the storms! ;-)

Beautiful Hearbreak

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